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You can make a Reservation rooms and check the Availability, the Detailed Rate of rooms.Kyoto Guesthouse KyonoEn  |  Availability
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"Kyoto Guesthouse Kyonoen"

*by Day, including Tax
Rooms Capacity Rates(Per one person)
Weekday Weekend
a bed
1 person
(Max 4 people)
¥3,400~ ¥3,600~
Kyoto Guesthouse Kyonoen
Western room
3 Tatami mat size
1 person ¥4,300~ ¥4,600~
Kyoto Guesthouse Kyonoen
6 Tatami mat room
1-2 people ¥4,300~ ¥4,600~
Kyoto Guesthouse Kyonoen
8 Tatami mat room
1-3 people ¥4,300~ ¥4,600~
Kyoto Guesthouse Kyonoen
a house
13 people
¥35,000~ ¥40,000~ Contact Us!

*Room's information is here.

*These rates are dependent on the season.
*Under 6 years old : free, 6-12 years old : discounted price.
  We offer discounted rates for multiple persons in the private rooms.
  Click the "AVAILABILITY" button and check the exact discounted rate.

*Please pay cash on arrival (We are NOT credit card friendly.)

Tatami 'mats' are of thickly woven
'reed', each 'mat' measuring
approximately 1 x 2 meters.

*Cancellation Charge
  Up to 1 week before check-in...no charge
  1-7 days before check-in...\3,000
  On the check-in date...100%