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     Chorakukan is a historical and attractive building near Kiyomizu temple. Chorakukan is on the south edge of Maruyama Park, not far from the Path of Nene, Kodaiji Temple, and Gion.It was designed by J.M. Gardner, and was completed in 1909. Originally, it served as the summer home for a tobacco magnate. Today it is a hotel, restaurant, cafe, and venue for wedding parties. For those with a bit of time or in need of a break after wandering the hills of Higashiyama, Chorakukan is the perfect place for an afternoon coffee.
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     about Kyoto products
  • Cafe Sarasa
     this jazzy cafe offers an exciting selection of dishes so varied and delicious you will want to keep coming back. Try the Okinawan-style stir-fries, the Vietnamese-style pancakes, or the rice dishes with vegetables and bean curd.
  • Ace cafe
     located on the high floors of a towering building in Snjyo area with spectacular views of the city below.
  • Japanese cafe "gion komori"
     In Kyoto’s Gion dis­trict, near Shim­bashi street on the there is a red bridge which is a well known spot for catch­ing a glimpse of a pass­ing Maiko and for see­ing pho­tog­ra­phers tak­ing pic­tures of both Maikos, mod­els, and those try­ing to look like mod­els. Directly across from the bridge you will find one of Kyoto’s most famous tea houses — Gion Komori.
  • Kyoto Uji Tea, Itohkyuemon
     Itohkyuemon in Uji City, Kyoto, is famous for making high quality Japanese teas.
  • Japanese Tea cafe IPPODO
     Located in the heart of Kyoto, Ippodo Tea Co. has been providing the highest quality Japanese green tea for nearly 3 centuries.They invite guests to enjoy the process of brewing tea for themselves, rather than simply having it served – this is the KABOKU style of service.
  • KOROMO 衣
     In Kyoto at the Teramachi shop of Koromo. Deep, dark indigo dipped duck and kendo-gi work-pants. Koromo “衣” means clothing in Japanese, their specialty is Japanese-esq designs but they do some west-meets-east design as well.
  • Kimono Rental Yumeyakata
     Experience the sensation of the first time wearing kimono in Kyoto! Experience the sensation of the first time dressing up as a beautiful maiko!! Studio “Yumeyakata” is such a famous shop that leases various beautiful kimonos and provides maiko makeover experience.


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