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Check In & Out

●Check-In after 16:00 to 20:00

●Check-Out befor 11:00

Curfew 24:00.
You may leave your baggages in the hostel from 10:00 AM before check-in.

Accommodation & Service

Two refrigerators / a microwave / pots and pans / a stove / kitchen accessories / seasoning etc

[Share space]
a shower / a bathroom / a front room / a courtyard / a dormitory

*There is an air-conditioner in each room.
*Soap, shampoo and hair conditioner are in the shower.
*We have mineral water(hot and iced), coffee, teas, sugar & coffee-milk are in the kitchen.

We have a wireless Internet access.(*there is not a computer.)
We alse have a storage for your luggage.

There is a public bathhouse(sento) in the neighborhood.
We will give you directions to this public bathhouse(AKA: the Ginkakuji-yu)


Laundromat / 24 hour convenience store / Cafes / Sento (public bath house)